MAKE YOUR GAME 16-18 July 2020

Are you interested in learning how new game concepts can be used to co-design the public space of your city? 

“Make your Game” is part of the Workshop series of Public Play Space that aims to develop an innovative approach to placemaking, through gamification processes and through the use of games, to facilitate public participation in co-design and decision-making activities.

For three days you will have the opportunity to work side by side with urban planners, game designers, and placemakers in the development of new game concepts to be applied to placemaking activities. During the Workshop, you will learn the basics of urban game development, discover its various applications, and develop new strategies for the co-design of public spaces in the city of Palermo.

Deadline: registrations are now closed because registrations received before the COVID emergency takes precedence.

Registration will reopen on Wednesday 8 July if the number of participants is not reached.

COVID recommendation:
The seminar will take place in the open space as far as possible.
We can only admit 22 participants due to distance legal requirements.
The use of masks in internal places is mandatory.

Workshop Dates: 16-18 July 2020
Workshop Venue: Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo, Italy

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Placemaking is an activity that directly involves citizens and inspires them to reimagine and reinvent the public spaces that constitute the basis of a community. Placemaking goes beyond the simple concept of urban design: by putting the physical, cultural and social identity of the city at the center, it facilitates the emergence of new patterns in the way of using the city in order to accompany and support its natural evolution

Through game mechanics, it is possible to discover and understand the city from an unprecedented perspective and to know the different realities of which each city is composed. Games are not only playful moments, but they can become privileged tools in achieving specific project objectives. For this reason, games, especially Urban Games – those games that are based on the use of the physical spaces of the city as playgrounds – represent a promising strategy to actively involve citizens in placemaking activities.



The Workshop will combine a series of Masterclasses aimed at providing theoretical preparation to a practical laboratory in which to immediately apply the knowledge learned by creating new games. The theoretical part aims to train participants on the bases of both game development by showing the fundamental ingredients and illustrating the development process, and of placemaking by presenting an overview of the state of the art. Together with the international experts of BUas and IAAC, both CLAC and U’Game (organizations with a proven track record of the territory) will take care of the theoretical part and will also provide different game experiences. The Masterclasses will continuously intersect with the practical workshop where the participants divided into small groups will be able to apply the skills learned in the development and creation of different games.


The aim of the Workshop is to devise new urban games that facilitate citizens’ participation in placemaking activities. The best games developed during the Workshop will be developed and implemented during the Open Game Event that will be held between September and October 2020 in Palermo. In addition, the games will be presented as part of the “International Public Play Space Symposium” in Barcelona and may be part of an international academic publication. Furthermore, the projects carried out will contribute to the development of innovative models for the shared design of urban spaces and to the identification of good practices through which to actively involve citizens, in the implementation of innovative projects and in the regeneration of urban communities. 

The Workshop is aimed at anyone interested in acquiring a basic training on game design, an emerging tool with high application potential: thanks to a playful approach, it is in fact possible to encourage public participation in the co-creation of a wide range of innovative projects. All citizens can submit their application: students and professors, social and cultural associations, urban planners and designers, public and private entities, businesses, and traders. Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn and experience a new method of involving the public capable of bringing significant benefits to anyone who wants to take a participatory approach to their activities.


The PPS workshops are aimed at target groups of professionals coming from the fields of architecture, design, digital arts, as well as city authorities and stakeholders, interested in placemaking, empowering their professional skills in co-creation stages, and building their capacity to further attract diverse audiences by habit and by choice. The open workshops will be thematically linked to different aspects of the placemaking process. 

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