Breda University of Applied Sciences // SCITHOS

Dr. Jessika Weber Sabil is senior researcher at the Faculty of Digital Entertainment at BUas under the professorship of Applied Games, Innovation and Society of Breda University of Applied Sciences, where she conducts research on games with the focus on tourism systems and experience design. Her research explores (mobile) location-based AR games for experience enhancement, the application of serious games to understand complex systems and games to facilitate creative processes.

Current and past projects involve SCITHOS where she oversaw the game development process and facilitated the gameplay with stakeholders. DigiTourism, a project on policy improvement for digitalisation agenda of Europe involving eight partners around Europe. SmartCulTour where we introduce game interventions directed at sustainable cultural tourism that supports the development of European regions rich of tangible and intangible cultural assets.

Jessika holds a PhD from Bournemouth University, where she explored the game experiences of tourists with location-based augmented reality games in urban environments and a master from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg on Tourism and Innovation Management. She is a member of the International Federation for Information Technology in Travel and Tourism (IFITT), Digital Games Research Group (DiGRA) and the Interaction Design Foundation.

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